About Us

Kakau Lopes Cosmetics is a young and innovative Brazilian cosmetic brand born straight from the heart and soul of the digital revolution and the vision of an award-winning makeup artist that gives the brand its name, face and identity.


The products embody the beauty of today’s modern Brazilian woman and are a perfect complement to all women throughout the world. Rooted in a Latin heritage with the addition of creativity and passion, the company delivers to its clients easy-to-use products with unmatched quality and allure.


The brand’s founder, Kakau Lopes, is an award-winning makeup artist and recipient of several coveted beauty salon awards in Brazil.  After years of educating people about makeup, beauty and designer lifestyles,  Kakau identified an opportunity to expand her reach to a broader audience. 


Kakau Lopes Cosmetics is sure to exceed the expectations of the most discriminating tastes in beauty lines. The brand’s eye-catching designs, attention to detail, and quality of ingredients will provide meaningful benefit to salon owners, makeup artists and demanding clients.


Today, she is showcasing her line of products to bring a Latin influence to the US market.