Kakau Lopes used to say that a beauty routine doesn’t need do be complicated. That’s why we’re always thinking about how to make your life easier.


Forget about the mess when using glitter and pigments in makeup. The new Shine Flow is a real revolution in eyeshadows: liquid but with a dry touch and an amazing finish. Highly pigmented and with micro particles of glitter, this product will make your makeup process very simple.


Other Colors:


Rose: Do you know about our wonderful pinkish pigment? Now imagine it fluid, metallic, and with a dry touch. That’s what we’re talking about!


Sun: A collection inspired by metallic pigments in warm colors slightly golden.. that’s for the divas!


Use the brush that comes inside your eyeshadow display to apply the product directly on your eyelid. Or, if you prefer, you can use your favorite brush for that.


Combined with our Beauty Seeds Pre Makeup and with our setting spray Calming Water, you can boost the effects of your eyeshadow and make your make-up last even longer.

Liquid Eyeshadow - Shine Flow - Rose Gold

  • Dab the wand directly onto your eyelid, or tap an eye shadow brush onto the wand to pick up the product, then gently apply it on your skin. Done!

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Glad I found this brand!

I’ve been using SweatCoin for years, and haven’t really found anything to use my coins with. They had an offer with the Kakau Lopes brand for a free liquid eyeshadow, and I picked out this color. I just received it today, and it super pretty!! It goes on very nicely, and it barely budges. I will definitely be buying more from this brand. Much love all the way from Florida! <3

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Rebecca Byrd


Shine Flow Rose Gold

I absolutely love this eyeshadow!!! It’s luxurious and easy to use, plus long lasting and beautiful pigment!!

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Best Loose Highlighter in the world!

Looks so beautiful and natural

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karla Guzman


Diva look with this eyeshadow

The colors offered look amazing with anything you wear! The application is so easy! It totally highlights your eyes!! I am in love with this product! Highly recommend!!

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Gave it as a small present for my wife. She really loved it!

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Just loved it!