Have you ever thought about a gloss with glow, ideal consistency and one that brings a slight color to your lips? How about a revolutionary plump effect?


I know you are going to say: “I’ve seen that before." Yes, you have… but in products that make you feel like you ate a jar of chili or that irritate your lips, making them seem bigger in a painful way. Remember: beauty doesn’t need to be unpleasant.


Our Gloss Plump contains Hyaluronic Acid and improves your lips hydration. The result is a beautiful, shiny and plump lip, with a gradual and healthy crack filling.


Not to mention this gorgeous packaging! It’s a real must-have!

Plump - Hope

  • Use the lip brush to gently apply layers from the center of your lips to the borders, wait a few seconds (without rubbing), and repeat until you get the desired intensity. A refreshing sensation may occur.

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Glad I found this brand!

I’ve been using SweatCoin for years, and haven’t really found anything to use my coins with. They had an offer with the Kakau Lopes brand for a free liquid eyeshadow, and I picked out this color. I just received it today, and it super pretty!! It goes on very nicely, and it barely budges. I will definitely be buying more from this brand. Much love all the way from Florida! <3

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Rebecca Byrd


Shine Flow Rose Gold

I absolutely love this eyeshadow!!! It’s luxurious and easy to use, plus long lasting and beautiful pigment!!

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Best Loose Highlighter in the world!

Looks so beautiful and natural

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karla Guzman


Diva look with this eyeshadow

The colors offered look amazing with anything you wear! The application is so easy! It totally highlights your eyes!! I am in love with this product! Highly recommend!!

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Gave it as a small present for my wife. She really loved it!

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Just loved it!